Below are internal links to a variety of serious maps of Cozumel, charts of Cozumel waters, and plans of Cozumel; not the touristy schlock that is usually available on websites dealing with the island. 

Here are maps of Cozumel’s bus routes, Mayan ruins, land-use, drainage patterns, vegetation, and lots more.

New maps are added regularly.


Click on any LINK below to see the map

Free Big Yellow Map of Cozumel
Map of the city on one side and map of the island on the other

Cozumel Colectivos Routes and Schedules 
Ride all over town for almost free

Cozumel City Bus Routes and Schedules
Ride all over town for almost free

Zip Codes Map on Cozumel 
Surprise! We have more then one

Map of the Colonias on Cozumel
A colonia is an officially recognized neighborhood

Map of Chankanaab National Park
Dolphins, sea lions, manatees, diving, snorkeling, restaurants, etc.

Map of Punta Sur Eco Park
Lighthouse, Navigation museum, Mayan ruins, crocodile observation towers, beach restaurants, snorkeling

Map of the Mayan Ruins on Cozumel
All 34 of them!

Color-enhanced map of Cozumel vegetation from space

Map of Cozumel land use

Cozumel Nautical Chart

Cozumel reef park usage plan

Cozumel relief map

Map of protected areas on Cozumel

RAMSAR map of protected areas on Cozumel

Map of the Northeast tip of Cozumel

Map of Northeast Cozumel marine protected area

Map of Quintana Roo protected areas

Map of Private Land on Cozumel

Map of the lots in Colonia Centro on Cozumel

POET map of land use on Cozumel

Map of hurricane shelters in San Miguel, Cozumel

Map of the flood-prone areas of San Miguel, Cozumel

Map of the Mayan archaeological site of San Gervasio

Map of Mayan Languages

Map of the location of the SeaWall Project Murals

Map of Puerta Maya Pier on Cozumel

More to come…….