The Secrets of Xcaret

The Secrets of Xcaret is a non-fiction work that describes the surprising history that lies buried underneath this world-famous Mexican Theme Park.

Beginning with the explanation of how the unusual geology of the region was formed millions of years ago, through the arrival of the first humans 40,000 years ago, the arrival and subsequent settlement of the area by the ancient Mayans, and the discovery and subsequent conquest of Xcaret by the Spaniards in the 16th century, the book describes all the many past events that took place on the very spot that is now one of the most visited theme parks in Mexico.

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Seated Mayan idol made from stone and stucco, found by Loran Hewen in a cave at Xcaret in the 1950’s. Now in the Cozumel museum
One of several small Mayan oratories at Xcaret