Traveling in San Blas back in the 1980s

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The Cunas strictly regulated all commercial trade in San Blas. The San Blas Comarca is an autonomous region of the Republic of Panama, very similar to an United States Indian reservation, but with the added right to make trade agreements and treaties with other countries, and is not subjected to any oversight by anything like a Bureau of Indian Affairs, as we have in the states. ....CONTINUE READING

Traveling by dugout Canoe along the coast of Panama

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In the 1980’s and ‘90’s I was engaged in the business of acquiring ethnographic material directly from indigenous Central and South American coastal and riverine cultures and selling that material to museums and collectors in the US and abroad.  One of the cultures that I worked with extensively during that period was that of the Cuna Indians of San Blas, Panamá. ....CONTINUE READING

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